Pilot is the first episode of Glee's first season and therefore the first aired Glee episode overall, premiering on May 19, 2009.

Optimistic high school teacher, Will Schuester, tries to refuel his own passion while reinventing McKinley High School's Glee Club and challenging a group of outcasts to realize their star potential. Going up against McKinley's cruel high school caste system and facing harsh criticism from everyone around him, Will is determined to prove them all wrong. This episode introduces major plot lines such as: Will's motivation to build the New Directions, Rachel and Finn's relationship, choosing between Football/Cheerios and Glee Club, Sue's motivation to tear the Glee Club apart, and Quinn desperately trying to get Finn back.

The episode was directed by Ryan Murphy and written by Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan, and Ryan Murphy.


The episode starts with the Cheerios practicing a difficult routine and Sue shouting at them. In the next scene Will is seen walking to the school's entrance, as he sees Finn, Noah Puckerman and a few other football players trying to throw Kurt into the dumpster. Without knowing what's going on Will passes without any second thoughts and the football team throws Kurt into the dumpster, after allowing him to take off his expensive jacket.

In the hallway, Mr. Schuester gazes at the trophy gaze, where he sees a tribute to former Glee Club coach, Lillian Adler is hanging.

Current Glee Club coach, Sandy Ryerson, and his lead soloist, Hank Saunders, are practicing Where Is Love? together in the choir room, where Sandy proceeds to touch Hank inappropriately on the stomach as a jealous Rachel Berry watches from outside the door