My Cup
Album: Glee: The Music, The Complete Season Two
Released: May 24, 2011
By: Glee original composition
Sung by: Brittany Pierce and Artie Abrams
Solos: Brittany and Artie
Place: Hotel Room
Episode: New York
All or Nothing

My Cup is an original song featured in New York, the twenty-second and final episode of Season Two. It is sung by Artie and Brittany, with Puck playing the guitar. Brittany wrote the song.

When this song was performed, the New Directions members were noticeably disturbed by it. It can be seen as a possible tribute to Rachel's original song My Headband, as Brittany states that it was her favorite song in Original Song, the sixteenth episode of Season Two. The concepts between the songs are similar.

The first two verses were cut from the episode.


I got you in the palm of my hand
Wanna put something hot in you
So hot that you can't stand (Artie: That you can't stand)
Gonna take you to my lips
Empty out every last drop
So thirsty for what's in you baby
That I can't stop (Artie: That I can't stop)
In the middle of the night, I'm in bed alone
Don't care if you're glass, paper, styrofoam
When I need some water, baby

Brittany and Artie:
Coffee or gin

You're the

Brittany and Artie:
Only thing, I wanna put them in

My cup, my cup
Sayin', "What's up?"
To my cup, my cup
More of a friend than a silly pup
My cup
You know what it is
Sayin', "What's up?"
To my cup (Ahh)
I'm Sayin', "What's up?"
To my cup (Ahh)
I'm Sayin', "What's up?"
To my cup (Ahh)


  • In the show, it is written as an attempt to create an original song for Nationals (Competition)|Nationals as New Directions have yet to write any songs for the competition before arriving in New York City. However, the song is quickly shot down because of its concept.
  • This song is one of two songs included on Tap Tap Glee when downloaded from iTunes, the other being Don't Stop Believin'.
  • Unlike My Headband, this song was released as a single on iTunes.
  • The song is mentioned and briefly performed by Brittany and Artie in the Season Four finale, All or Nothing (Episode)|All or Nothing.
  • If you look closely in the beginning you can see Santana laughing at the song.


Glee Cast Brittany & Artie - My Cup

Glee Cast Brittany & Artie - My Cup