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The Mel-Gaby relationship is the friendship between Mel (not to be confused with Blaanderson) and Gaby, are now known as Meby.

Reasons to shipEdit

1. They are mother and daughter. 

2. Mel puts Gaby to sleep at night when she has nightmares. 

3. Understand each other 

4. Gaby wishes to have Mel's glasses and fangirls over her voice. 

5. Mel loves Gaby and fangirls over her beauty.

Kurtana and Sarley 2.0 Edit

Sarley is Santana and Marley. YAY! 

Mel is Kurt and Marley.  

Gaby is Santana. (Also Adam to make Kadam)

Love each other like Kurtana and help each other out like Sarley (in that one episode). 

Believe Santana and Marley should have a duet because it would be flawless (Gaby's wish). 

Their song is Just Can't Get Enough. 


GLEE - Just Can't Get Enough (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD02:56

GLEE - Just Can't Get Enough (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD

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