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The Gaby-Melanie relationship is the friendship and romance between Gaby and Melanie. Also known as Melaby. 

Why ship them?Edit

1. Its Mellerz and Gaby so duh you must ship ;) 

2. Join wikia the same day, it was destiny. 

3. Sometimes they make out secretly and Rea is the witness.

4. If you ignore number 3, you must be a witness too! So Hurray!

5. This is one of the endgame ships.

6. Number 3 was actually a lie.

7. Number 6 was even more a lie.

8. You are now brainwashed.


Klaine and Pezberry 2.0Edit

Melanie is Blaine of course and Gaby is Kurt.

Gaby is Santana and Melanie is Rachel.  

Their song is It's Time!! <2 


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GLEE-It's time with lyrics03:34

GLEE-It's time with lyrics

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