Ethan-Melinda Relationship
Hip hop turtle and daydreamer sloth by bristol koopa-d5if67z
Shipped Characters: Ethan and Melinda
Ship Names: Methan


Dating Since: today
Status: engaged

 The Ethan-Melinda Relationship is the obvious on-and-off-romance between Melinda and Ethan. They are commonly referred to as Methan or Slurtle. Ethan is in love with Melinda but she doesn't know if he just loves her because she's a turtle. It's all very confusing, really!

  • Their ship name sounds like a drug
  • They like drugs
  • They would have the slowest sex ever
  • they love butts
  • Sometimes Ethan thinks he's a fabulous black woman
  • Sometimes Melinda thinks she's a fabulous black man, but she's not very good at it