Anna-Gaby Relationship
Shipped Characters: Anna and Gaby
Ship Names: Gabanna
Dating Between: December 8 - Now
Status: Dating

Best Friends

The Gaby-Anna Relationship is the romance/friendship between Gaby and Anna. They are commonly referred to as Gabanna.

Reasons to ship themEdit

1. They are simplified as Quinntana.

2. They have the best experiment ever.

3. It's exciting to see how they interact.

4. Gabanna is one of the endgame ships so don't pretend they are not adorable together.

5. Facts are in all of the above don't expect any stuff around 6-10 'cause frankly, i could continue saying they are so cute cute cute and hot hot hot. 

(Gaby is adding more)

6. They get together when Britt and Soph aren't looking. 

7. Hot Chemistry. 

8. Gaby blushes by simply looking at Anna (because she's adorable). 

9. Anna loves Gaby like a love song baby.

10. Their song is Take My Breath Away. 

11. They're flirty with each-other.

12. Anna always sneaks into Gaby's bed at night and cuddles her.

13. Sweet Lady Kisses ;)

14. Gaby sang for Anna.

15. Someone made them a Gabanna fic.

16. They send each-other selfies on Snapchat and Anna ALWAYS saves Gaby's. 

17. Gaby is wankier than Anna, cause she made Anna say pineapple. 

18. Anna is wankier. (Gaby wrote this) Anna says this is not true. (Anna wrote this)


Glee - Take My Breath Away LYRICS

Glee - Take My Breath Away LYRICS